When the thyroid is under stress the first thing that goes is your metabolism. It changes speed or shuts down completely in an effort to protect you from burning out. This can result in an array of common symptoms and body composition patterns. Connect the dots and make the connection to better health and wellbeing.
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The Thyroid Connection

What We Wish Everyone Knew About Living With Thyroid Issues.

When the thyroid is under stress the first thing that goes is your metabolism. It changes speed or shuts down completely in an effort to protect you from burning out. This can result in weight loss or gain depending on how dysfunctional your thyroid was in the first place. It can also result in fatigue (extreme exhaustion) or heat intolerance (feeling cold all the time). 

These are warning signs that you have issues and that your body is trying to protect itself from further damage. Your metabolism is the rate at which you create energy. According to Wikipedia, "The three main purposes of metabolism are: the conversion of the energy in food to energy available to run cellular processes; the conversion of food to building blocks for proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, and some carbohydrates; and the elimination of metabolic wastes."

Poor thyroid performance originally starts for several reasons:

  • ❏ Essential amino acid (dietary protein) deficiencies and digestive problems (like low HCL production)
  • ❏ Mineral deficiencies (particularly iodine, selenium, and magnesium)
  • ❏ Signaling issues with the pituitary, parathyroid and adrenal glands
  • ❏ Environmental hormone disruptors

Hypothyroid Illustration example with uniform weight gain, cellulite and other physical characteristics.

Better Understand Your Thyroid Symptoms

Uniform weight gain (or loss) is the hallmark of thyroid stress. This is because the thyroid regulates metabolism and when it slows, your body will slowly gain weight all over the place. When it is fast, then decreasing muscle mass is witnessed. Individuals with thyroid stress are more apt to have evenly distributed adipose (fat) storage, rather than the concentrated fat deposition patterns reminiscent of liver, adrenal, or gonadal stressed individuals.

When muscle mass is depleted, then cellulite on the arms, buttocks and legs is reported. This is even more advanced with individuals with low protein diets and must be corrected with diet and supplements that increase hydrochloric acid HCL levels in the stomach. HCL prevents smelly gas and bloating once protein is restored in the diet.

Most Common Thyroid Symptoms

  • ❏ Bulging Eyes
  • ❏ Cellulite
  • ❏ Chocolate Cravings
  • ❏ Cold or Heat Intolerance
  • ❏ Constipation
  • ❏ Decreased Libido
  • ❏ Depression
  • ❏ Double Lines on Neck
  • ❏ Dry Spots on Face
  • ❏ Hair Loss
  • ❏ Heartburn
  • ❏ Loose Stool
  • ❏ Puffy Face
  • ❏ Muscle and Joint Pain
  • ❏ Smelly Intestinal Gas (like rotten eggs)
  • ❏ Sugar Cravings
  • ❏ Low to No Energy

Look for double lines in the neck with a goiter at the base of the neck

Bulging eyes, thin eyebrows and dry spots along the temples

Brittle and thin hair along with poor nail quality (including ridges)

Poor Muscle Tone

Connecting the Dots: Hidden Clues to Thyroid Gland Function

Hair Loss (or Thinning), Dry Skin and Brittle Nails

The outer third of your eyebrow may be missing, your hair may be thinning. The skin, hair, and nails are all made up of essential amino acids from protein food sources, Hair loss and thinning hair are common thyroid symptoms from a slow metabolism and raw protein deficiency.

The combination of protein deficiency with mineral imbalances can cause the soft tissue of the nail and hair to become brittle. It is common to see vertical ridges on the finger nails.Its interactions with the pituitary and kidneys can result in hair loss (outer third of the eyebrows) and brittle, dry hair and skin.

You may notice the following symptoms due to an under or overactive thyroid gland: 

Poor Sex Drive and Hormone Balancing Issues

Your thyroid gland has a strong relationship with your ovaries or testes, that when is disrupted, can lead to a loss of sex drive and a fluctuation of hormone levels. 

Slow (of Fast) Memory

Thyroid stress may induce cogitation difficulty, or slowed mental capabilities, due to the strong relationship with the liver and iodine’s role in brain function, as well as when metabolism has been intentionally slowed by the body. Feelings of lethargy and depression are also common with extended thyroid stress.

Unable to Regulate Body Temperature

You may be either too hot or too cold. You can’t seem to regulate your body temperature. The thyroid gland controls metabolism and body temperature. The accepted range of normal is between 97F to 99F. It is common to see early morning temperatures go well below 96F in thyroid sufferers causing them to wear socks, even in moderate temperatures. 

Cravings for Carbohydrates (or anything that gives a boost of energy)

You may crave chocolate, sugar, bread. The thyroid gland runs on iodine. When it is running sub-optimal it needs more iodine. In bread, chlorine and bromine are present. Because these halogens are in the same row on the periodic table of elements, the body will crave bread trying to get iodine, but instead get these other elements that compete for the same receptor sites as iodine. Because the body is running slower, it craves a quick shot of energy, as in carbohydrate cravings.

Supporting the Root Cause of Weight Gain, Fatigue, and Brain Fog

Misdiagnosis of thyroid conditions is quite common because of poor thyroid blood lab training in the medical community, which is why we encourage you to be your own advocate. Our plans have been designed to help those who suspect they may suffer from thyroid stress to better comprehend the symptoms that are most prevalent and the best herbs and nutrients to address them.

Coming up with a thyroid healing protocol that works for you can take some time. However, we hope the information provided in this article will help you start your journey and speed up the process. Learn as much as you can, stay positive, trust your body, and know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. 

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