MediHerb: A Commitment to Quality 

As a national speaker for Standard Process and MediHerb products, Dr. Hemmer had the privilege to travel to Australia and visit the company's manufacturing plant in Warwick, Queensland. He was impressed by the commitment to quality he observed while touring the facilities and talking with the team. 

Doctors, patients and over 20 clinical trials agree that MediHerb is the preferred choice for professional herbal extracts because of the outcomes they provide. 

Since 2002, Our office has been using MediHerb with patients suffering with wide-ranging health issues and the results have been fascinating. We are so excited that you discovered our website!

Professionals Trust MediHerb

Why is MediHerb the Preferred Choice of Healthcare Professionals?

MediHerb takes quality seriously. When you take a look at the nutrition facts label on one of the bottles, they show you the part of plant, species, amounts of active chemicals and ratio potency. Making these claims are not normal in the industry. These products are guaranteed to contain exactly what is being sold. MediHerb has over 20 years of compliance with pharmaceutical GMP and Therapeutic Goods Administration.

MediHerb sources raw material and tests each batch using High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). HPLC testing allows MediHerb to see if they truly have the correct species with the right active constituents. You can have confidence that what you are taking is real. 

Individuals with serious health concerns trust MediHerb. 

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Only the Best Herbs Make the Grade

This picture of the loading dock showcases MediHerb's commitment to quality. Herbal samples are collected and tested before they leave the loading area. If the samples do not pass the identification and quality testing for active ingredients, they are rejected. Only the highest quality herbs make it inside the facility.

Founded by Herbal Expert Kerry Bone

Kerry Bone, MCPP, FNHAA, FNIMH, DipPhyto Bsc (Hons) is the author of many functional herbal textbooks and is considered to the leading authority on the sourcing, manufacturing and use of Western herbal blends. We are proud to be working with MediHerb for decades and are honored to be a leading seller of their products here in The United States!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About MediHerb

I am on Medication, can I take MediHerb?

Depends on the medication and herb. MediHerb is one of the safest professional herbal brands in the world because with their extensive herbal testing and purity claims you know what you are getting in every bottle.   

If you are taking medication, please refer to the label. For more information about the individual herbs in MediHerb's blends, please refer to the Potential Herb-Drug Interactions for Commonly Used Herbs.

What research should I do before taking MediHerb products?

When starting to understand the MediHerb product line, you will uncover some amazing life-changing herbal properties. Effects that have been confirmed again and again through clinical research and practical clinical observations.

Start with our supplement plans to see what products are recommended for individuals experiencing general symptom patterns.

Make you way to Wholistic Matters and use their interactive tool to learn more about the individual herbs in the MediHerb blends.

Why are Standard Process and MediHerb products so frequently taken together?

Practitioners nationwide utilize a foundation of Standard Process and MediHerb when trying to provide nutrient and herbal support to their patients. 

Since 1929, Standard Process provides proprietary glandular extracts, minerals,  nutrients and concentrated vegetables from their organic farm, while MediHerb provides dozens of herbal actions (see page 141 in MediHerb's Liquid Guide to learn more) used by practitioners for hundreds of years to support their patients.

Practitioners refer to the use of herbs with supplements as synergy leading to fast recovery times.

What reference materials are available for MediHerb?

Kerry Bone and Simon Mills have written extensively for MediHerb.

Many Universities, Colleges and Professional Training Groups use their textbooks and guides as the class material.

Current Books are Available for Purchase from Amazon:

Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy: Modern Herbal Medicine 2nd Edition

Functional Herbal Therapy: A Modern Paradigm for Clinicians

The Essential Guide to Herbal Safety

A Clinical Guide to Blending Liquid Herbs: Herbal Formulations for the Individual Patient

The Ultimate Herbal Compendium: A Desktop Guide for Herbal Prescribers

Can I purchase MediHerb without a doctor referral?

Most MediHerb products are available for sale on our website. Some products and the MediHerb liquid herbal line must be under strict practitioner supervision are not available without an appointment and follow-up. 

Is MediHerb made in the United States?

No, MediHerb products are produced in Warwick, Queensland in Australia. They are packaged in Palmyra, WI and distributed by Standard Process.

Because the products are produced in Australia, they have to meet the more stringent pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for production.

Do you sell MediHerb's liquid blends?

We currently do not sell MediHerb's liquid blends to the general public.

Can I take MediHerb for long periods of time?

Depends on the situation. For a vast majority of cases you can, but every situation is unique.

Please refer to the product label claims and Potential Herb-Drug Interactions for Commonly Used Herbs guide if taking MediHerb products with OTC or prescribed medications before purchase.

Why is MediHerb more expensive than other herbal products?

Competitive analysis shows that many professional herbs on the market are fake, wrong species, wrong part of plant, and varieties that are missing the active chemicals. 

Research shows that you would have to take dozens (and in some cases 100's) of pills to get the desired effect that is offered in one tablet of MediHerb. 

MediHerb sources their herbal products from trusted vendors and tests every batch before it makes it off the loading dock.

They also have stringent testing to meet label claims. They are sold only through healthcare professionals to better understand how the products are working and to provide the best possible education to their network of practitioners.

Do things right and having the right stuff in the bottles is critical to having the most trusted herbal product line on the planet.

Is MediHerb only sold through Healthcare Practitioners?

Yes, only practitioners in North America are allowed to sell MediHerb in their offices. Only a limited number of authorized practitioners can sell it online the way we do, with an independently run site.

Can I buy MediHerb from Amazon?

Not legally. Nefarious actors price-gauge unsuspecting clients. They are referred to as "diverters" and are not to be trusted. Expired product and poorly stored conditions can damage product. Only trusted practitioners with a track-record of safety are able to sell MediHerb direct from Standard Process.

MediHerb Herbal Extracts

Cold-percolated extraction processes - the way nature intended.