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Our site is designed for recovery and wellness. To support numerous traditional and innovative therapies to mitigate pain, promote healing and assist patients on their own personal road to achieving vibrant health naturally.

Why We Are Different

Nearly 30 years ago a severe injury led me to the field of natural medicine. I realized then that sound nutrition , herbal therapies chiropractic and acupuncture offered a diverse wholistic path to healing. In fact, I was amazed at the power of true health restoration available through natural medicine.

Helping Others Achieve Health

After several years had passed I found myself rediscovering my true passion for natural health. This time my interest in wholistic healing grew beyond my past patient experience. I knew I wanted to do something to help others. I wanted to help everyone discover what I had experienced naturally with strategies rooted in natural healing.

Focused On Natural Healing

Drawing from years of experience in corporate business, I knew the shortest route to sound natural healing success involved combination therapy, diet and whole food nutrition. This multi-therapy approach that could address physical, emotional and nutritional needs simultaneously has proven to be monumental to my own, as well as my patients’ journey to Wholistic Health Restoration.

"Nearly thirty years ago a stressful career and minor injuries blessed me with exposure to the field of holistic medicine. Treatment success with nutritional, chiropractic and acupuncture therapies gave me life changing effects on my health.​Fast forward several years and I found myself in a challenging second career- in medical school-studying to be an alternative medicine physician. As many have stated over the years, life is merely a collection of experiences. My own personal experience proves that natural therapies can lead to vibrant health and changed lives. With this as a backdrop you will find within my practice a variety of natural holistic therapies directed at regaining vibrant health in the most conservative yet holistic way possible."

"I have been working with Dr. Dan for several years and we have resolved so many important health issues. He has helped me with knees that were bone on bone, sprained joints, severe back pain, weight management, nutritional concerns and even dry eye syndrome. I am so thankful for his expertise and ongoing support. Thanks Dr. Dan!"

Tammy, Chicago IL

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